Friday, September 27, 2013

Original Tangle Teezer and Compact Styler

Just a quick look at these cute little things that will save you time and energy (and yes I am just talking about brushing your hair).

Tangle Teezers are a time saver.  If you have loo000ng straight hair like I do, then you know full well that the thought of washing your hair, drying and then brushing it is already exhausting, and you are only thinking about it!  I am not saying Tangle Teezers are revolutionary...

(see what I mean? that's a kiddie brush.)

But then again they look presentable and they do have very soft bristles that makes it a joy to use.

Be it noted that even in whatever websites of ANY hair brushes, they would say the best way to brush any types of hair is to do it by section.  I do it with my regular brush, and I do it too with the Tangle Teezer, the only major difference I have noticed is that with the Tangle Teezer I probably lose (or brush away) fewer strands of hair, unlike my old brush which makes the bathroom look like someone has picked gazillions of my hair and dropped it on to the floor (yep, that bad).

Anyway, back to the TTs, the Original and the Compact Styler:  It comes in this packaging.

A somewhat major size difference.  I find that the Original has softer bristles since the bristles themselves are longer, the CS has shorter ones though it is as pleasurable to use.

The Compact Style feel weird to handle though, it is bulky and heavier than the Original even without the cover.  I always am scared of dropping it, which I hate (dropping things, in this case I'm just scared it'll fall apart if it hits the floor all the time).  It also comes with a cover for the bristles.

In any case, a good investment.  Surely there are lots of other prettier brushes that does what it should and more expensive, but base on my personal experience, the Tangle Teezers are practical enough, saves me time and extra effort and takes away the stress (yeah.) of brushing my hair.  Keep one at home and one in the bag.

I got the Original TT from DM Markt in Berlin for 14.95euros and the Compact Styler for 13.30euros from (free worldwide shipping, though be it noted that my one-piece-of-order arrived 20 days (yeah, that's VENTI giorni, people!) and I am only in Italy, not as if they're shipping it to Australia, which is farther away from the UK.  Oh Well.

Thanks for reading!

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