Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Post Script to Summer with YSL Le Fuchsia

Hi Laydees,

It is September and we are still experiencing pret-ty warm weather here in Milan at 30C!  So for those ladies (like myself, ha.) who actually have started experimenting with deeper/darker colours from the Fall 2013 collection, I suggest we celebrate just a little bit more with makeup and keep it cheery and bright.

YSL's Rouge Pur Couture in Le Fuchsia No7 is "Le Fuchsia" of this summer.  It is intense, bright and applies creamy and beautifully rich that completes any look.  I love color on my face, I would be the last person seen with a neutral shadow, but even if I AM that last person, I am sure to put non-neutral color on my lips and everywhere else.  I know it seems 80s to have blue/green shadows and a richly colored mouth, but depending how you would pull such a look, I surely do whenever I can (paired with my equally fuchsia eyeglasses, by Chanel).

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy the remainders of summer!

lots of love x

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