Friday, May 31, 2013

YSL EYELINER Babydoll Collection in Lumiere Mordore, Lumiere Bleu, and Lumiere Amethyste

Not In Love?  You would be!

You definitely would be with liquid liners once you try the new liquid liners from Yves Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer Collection Babydoll 2013.  The colours are just breathtaking!  Ok, maybe each and everyone of us has an eyeliner, liquid or not, in blue, violet or even boring brown...but YSL's topped the notch with this season's Babydoll Collection and I am here to show you why I feel like writing a post immediately after swatching the colours!

But for now, I won't review them, all I know is that they stay put for HOURS (I have been wearing them almost nonstop to test how well they wear on my lids), the colours are very pigmented and true to color, and it feels very light and non-sticky or tacky at all.  They are beautifully sparkly and seriously, I am just impressed, I love these things!

So here are the pretty things for you Dolls to drool over that you will want to own them all too!

The YSL Babydoll Eyeliners featured here are Lumiere Mordore #10 (Golden Brown Light), Lumiere Bleu #11 (Blue Light) and lastly, Lumiere Amethyste #12 (Amethyst Light).

Photo taken without flash, you can already see how beautiful the colours inside are.

Photo taken with flash:

Now for the swatches, time to get playful, the colours are intense enough that depending on lighting they are dark enough to line the eyes though they will not going to be mistaken for a black (taken without flash):

And another one, taken without flash in yellow tone lighting:

And up close, notice how the angle affects the overall colour shading & effect of these liquid liners (without flash):

Taken with flash, now you see the beautiful micro-shimmer:

See what I mean?  I really love them, and I do own other liquid liners with more intense colours, but these are so not tacky at all, easy to apply (I have mentioned in my other blog featuring this liner that I prefer swiping a real eyeliner brush instead of using the actual wand included with this because I can control the thickness and the lines I made better with a brush, the wand is long which I am not used to although it does give a very precise and sharp line if one is used to it) and the colours are just a win for me.  I have worn these with eyeshadows but when I am in a hurry I use them without a base because the colour payoff alone of these liquid liners are intense enough that they could even pass as an eyeshadow (depending on how thick you do your line).

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and I hope they are helpful in your decision to take them home with you next time you are at a YSL Beauty counter.  

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Gloss

Hi Everyone!

I am sure everyone of you have heard or owns the legendary Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden.  I know I do and seriously, I honestly do not mind the stink, errr, scent of that cream because what it does for me totally overruns what bother I could have if I do not use it.  Maybe there are other alternatives, better balms, other lip creams etc., but I am sticking with my Eight Hour Cream because not only it protects my lips, but it is just something that is a staple for me (I have VERY dry skin).

And so, when I was running out of my super old squeezy tube of the cream, I asked my DH to purchase for me a new one at the DutyFree Shop, and I was thankful he did, but...he didn't exactly buy IT.

And at the back of the tube:

He has bought for me the beautiful Chanel Powder Blush in Ultra Rose (74, review to follow) so I cannot fault him (hehe) but instead of the normal tube I expected him to purchase (men.), he got me Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Gloss.  Yes, it is the same, it even smells BETTER (very mild version of the original errm, scent) and it does what I want for my lips (which is what I mainly use my Eight Hour Cream for anyway: put a huge amount of it all over my lips, all OVER that I look like I've recently eaten a very oily chinese takeout), but as it is a LIP Protectant, I just couldn't use it for the dry patches in case I see them on my skin nor rub it all over my hands when it feels totally dry.

But it's okay, I love it.  It's handy and it works just like I expected it to.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Everyday Look Featuring YSL's BabyDoll Collection.

Hi Dolls,

I would like to share with you a simple, everyday look featuring some of YSL's Babydoll for Spring/Summer 2013.

I normally wear this type of makeup since it is very simple, requires few products and gives an immediately made-up look.

A new love for me are YSL products.  I know they have been around forever but I have always trusted Chanel and for the longest time I guess I only have Chanel (and Nars) products, I trust them, they are very consistent, but YSL makeup is something that I would grab for fun and now I have for you YSL's new Babydoll Collection for Spring/Summer 2013 and I just fell in love with the colours in the collection, everything so bright and ready for the summer!

YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres in Rose Babydoll is a bright fuschia lip colour and like most Glossy Stains, they are heavily pigmented and beautifully glossy on the lips.  I did read a lot of blogs about the application techniques for these babies but I realised I can have full control over the colour if I use a lipbrush, which I have done for this look (it does look pretty much bright red on my lips doesn't it? But in real life it looks a rich red with heavy pink tones):

and another shot, taken without a flash:

The YSL Babydoll Liquid Eyeliner in Lumiere Bleu (Blue Light, No.11) is also something that is not to be missed for those who loves liquid eyeliners.  It looks like a dull, metallic teal-ish/blue but the word dull is not to be used for this colour once it is applied on the lids as it applies very smooth, a little watery but its not much of a bother.  I did find the applicator wand a little too long for me but I did use it for this look and I guess it takes a while to get used to, so, I didn't bother with it the next time and just grabbed myself an eyeliner brush and swiped it on the applicator tip to apply directly on the lids, and it worked just fine.

Lastly, I know it is not part of the Babydoll Collection but it is worth nothing that the blush I have used is from YSL's Arty Stone for Spring Collection 2013 Creme de Blush in Red Agate (No.7) since I did not think the blush from the Babydoll collection (which is No.8 'Babydoll') would be suitable for my colouring.  This one applies like a dream, I guess like all Creme de Blush.  It is so natural and light as air that you forget you have it on after application but you are left with a beautiful naturally blushed cheeks.

Here is another look of all the makeup I have used, taken with flash:

I hope you have enjoyed this little makeup review, thanks for reading!

YSL Babydoll Collection is available from 22 May 2013.

Monday, May 6, 2013

FOTD for Lana del Rey

Hi Dolls,

I would like to share with you the simple look I have made for the concert of Lana del Rey in Torino last Friday, 3rd of May.

I. Love. Lana. Del. Rey.

I discovered her music by chance reading PerezHilton(.com) and read all things about her supposedly *awful* live singing voice and her almost stoic movements on Saturday Night Live (amongst other shows where she was the guest).  THAT drove me curious and after watching a bunch of her videos where she actually sang live, all I could say is, EFF PerezHilton!  Lana's an amazing singer (live or not) who has a beautiful and very particular style, not to mention impeccable sense in makeup!

She does a lot of early 60s style makeup which I love.  I am into lots of face colour but whenever I feel like keeping it low I turn to her for inspiration and it never fails to inspire (the thick liner, the pale peach lips and cheek).

I did the FOTD with Tom Ford & Givenchy makeup, but for the lips I went Lana del Rey style, her supposed favorite:  YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Blonde Ingenue, and yes, I am definitely NOT blonde, and so is Lana (though, she was, wasn't she?).

Like most reviews about this lipstick, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Blonde Ingenue No. 24 wears beautifully and suits even my colouring, although I do find that one must prep the lips first because it does tend to sit on the dry patches on my lips if I have not used a lip balm and buff it before.  But in any case, Blonde Ingenue is my go-to for that lovely 60s makeup.

So here it is, FOTD for Lana in Tom Ford/Givenchy and YSL Blonde Ingenue.

Tom Ford Traceless Liquid Foundation in 07 Tawny
Givenchy Eyebrow Show in 01
Tom Ford Eyeshadow in Silvered Topaz
Tom Ford Blush in Frantic Pink
Tom Ford Eye Liner Noir Absolute
Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara Phenomen'Black
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Blonde Ingenue 24

For the eyeshadow, I have only used 3 colours from the palatte.  I applied the whole creamy color all over the lid and on the brow bone, and afterwards with the eyeshadow brush included in the kit, brushed the taupey colour on the socket very lightly, followed by the glittery shadow which adds a beautiful sparkle on the lids.  A bit of a fall-out with the glitter which was entirely my fault because being in a hurry, I have not patted but rubbed the glitter on the lids. My mistake.

I then lined my eyes with the TF eyeliner which is actually black with beautiful blue micro shimmer and followed this with very light dusting of TF blush on my cheeks in Frantic Pink, a cool pink in the pan, but does warm up on my skin tone.

Lastly, I applied YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Blonde Ingenue all over my lips, straight from the bullet and dabbed it with my finger for a more natural application.  And off I was with my hubby to Torino to see Lana del Rey, who sounded and looked amazing, by the way.

PS:  Post-Concert Look:

Make-up intact, I have changed my lip colour to Tom Ford lipstick in Violet Fatale in the car which wore throughout our pre-concert aperitivo and the concert itself.

A concert is never complete without a concert t-shirt or, in this case, tank-top.  In pink, of course.

Thanks for reading!