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A (very) old powder from T.LeClerc

Hi everyone! So last year, I was back in my old room at my parents' house and was going over thru some old stuff (YES, most clothes ALL still fit me, some might even be bigger around the waist!) and before my left my mother was like, "yeah so what's in THIS? I wanted to throw it away but it might be important to you cos it's still heavy..."  and what she got in her hand was a sealed silver little tub of my old T. leClerc Banane powder.

I bought it YEARS ago (it was in my OLD room, need I emphasize more? Hehe) and you might think I am pretty gross taking an old powder so excitedly from her hand, reusing it til our holidays and tightly packing it back to Milan with me.  Yes, it might be a little disgusting, but the powder has not been used (I probably used it 3 times after I bought it) and it has been sealed in its tight container and sticker.  So from there came my renewed love for this powder and I will tell you why: because before I never knew how to use it.

So here is a bit of an info from the T. LeClerc website:

"In 1881, the pharmacist Théophile LeClerc developed a secret rice powder formula in his pharmacy, a stone’s throw from the Place de la Madeleine in Paris. This powder gave ladies’ complexions a radiance and smoothness beyond compare.

The legendary “T.LeClerc” powder was born. Théophile LeClerc’s powder was initially commercialised in 6 shades, including the famous “Banane” shade, and rapidly became an essential accessory for all ladies of elegance in the “Belle Epoque”."

I am pretty sure the sales consultant got me into buying this powder.  I used to frequent their counter and have bought several things from there (including the Banane pressed powder) but what I have in the loose powder form is the shade Banane Argentee and this is the one with the shimmer.  I never realized it's going to make me look like a greaseball in hot Philippine weather if I apply it to my face and mind you, the container comes with a mesh sieve to keep the powders from moving around (though you keep want to keep this at home) I only had a huge face brush (also from T. LeClerc) and not a small highlighting brush so you understand the dilemma and hence this one got sealed and kept in it's hibernating place until my mother handed this back to me and I am so glad she did.

This powder gives a beautiful shimmer to highlight my face.  I've not used any highlighter, except Chanel's La Mouche de Beaute and Guerlain's Meteorites (pressed and loose) but the Meteorites are utterly subtle I could use them all over my face, the T. LeClerc not.  This one has only one purpose and it is to powder Angel's faces with sunlight, lots of lots of it, since my tub contains 35g of product.  Yes, it will last you your whole lifetime.

Whoops. It is not what you think (hehe). I wanted to take a pic of the top cover but spilled some powder on the table.

The photo above is taken with flash, the one below in natural light. I seriously have to refrain from using my iPhone for impromptu photo shoots.

It may not be the MOST finely-milled highlighting powder you will have the pleasure to use (come on, Guerlain's Meteorites isn't that all fine-milled either cos of the shimmer/glitter particles and that's the honest truth.  Their other powders/bronzers are though) and I think it is a good thing.  When using, you will know when you are using just enough and not worrying about piling them on like a maniac.  I believe that the powder IS super finely milled (the glitters/shimmers not) but it does what you want it to do and does it perfectly.

A word of caution though: I have noticed that my facial skin, on the sides of my forehead, when it is devoid of makeup can be a bit shiny (I actually do not know why but there it is) so with this powder I avoid putting more on it because I do not want to look like I am sweating.  I normally just put this on top of my cheekbones and the bridge of the nose to give me that beautiful glow.

That is my piece on the T. LeClerc's Banane Doree and for those who have owned this and hated it, I understand why but now I understand the reason to reclaim it from the bin (errrrmmm).

PS: I wonder how this (apart from the obvious shimmer of this powder) compares with Bourjois Java Rice Powder which is all the rage at the moment after its re-release.

Thanks for reading! x
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