Sunday, August 25, 2013

What's In Your Make Up Bag?

Hey Dolls!  Truthfully it has not been a long time since I have started carrying a beauty/makeup bag,  I mean, it is ANOTHER thing to carry.  Cannot we just chuck in the bag (apart from the notebook, ipad, phone, pens etc) our favorite lipstick or two, lipgloss, powder, handcream, lipbalm........errrr, yeah, you get what I mean?

(Answer: No, you cannot.)

Apart from incidents of loosely-capped lipgloss (gross), face powders breaking up and making a mess inside your precious bags, I just really got frustrated with the fact that even if most bags have smaller pockets inside and that's where you keep your makeup in, chances are when you REALLY need that blasted lipbalm it would still take you about a minute to finally retrieve it. Oh well.

So I decided, yeah, keep a mini beauty bag inside my bag.  How difficult is that? Not so much.

So this is actually the smaller of a Prada beauty bag which normally includes:
3.pressed powder
4.moisturiser (face and body)
6.other stuff (freebie hotel pen/hair ties+pin/mini lip brushes)

These are mine, what's in yours?

Lots of Love x

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