Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Le Blush Creme de Chanel in 65 Affinite and 61 Destiny

Hi dolls,

Chanel has just released six creme blushes for Fall 2013 called Le Blush Creme de Chanel and even though I have had two of the colors for months, I am now only writing a review of them now.  Here are they in Affinite (65) and Destiny (61):

They are lovely.  I picked up these two colors because based on the previously released swatches from other sites, the other ones would be too pale for me or would just not suit my coloring.  I just mistook the fact that I thought Affinite was the most intense color in the bunch (apparently not, there is also 66 Fantastic), but the mistake wasn't all that bad, I just always preferred my blushes to be either intensely pink or intense in any other color. hehe.

65 Affinite is a pretty creamy pink color that works and shows up pretty nicely in my bronzed (ie. my summer) face.  61 Destiny is a warm tan/bronzy blush which is a curious purchase since I did not believe this color could be a "blush" (funny how makeup houses label strange colors as "blush", no one blushes in THIS color, but there it is.)  but then again I could say that I use my BRONZER as a contour and slightly on my cheeks, I use Destiny the same way although not as pronounce as a contour color.

Let's have a closer look, shall we?  Taken without a flash indoors:

The photo above is, I can say, true to color.  They both apply creamy and then dries powdery.  I am not very curious with my makeup (once it is on, I do not touch it) and so after applying it, you get the ease of forgetting it and not worry about it since they last quite well (around 6 hours? I guess during the night one might one to pile a bit more on, not that it fades but one can say this is a very buildable color).  I can only compare it with the YSL creme blushes (the only other creme blush that I own) and I could say that the YSL applies more lightly, as in if you are crazy you would just pile it on and on without feeling heavy at all, YSL creme blushes applies sheer in a non-powder sort of way (silicone-y?) the Chanel ones are makeup-y, not that makeup-y is bad, it is just that you know and you see what you pile on and I have noticed that you have to blend VERY well or else it would look like makeup, now THAT is bad.

Here is the one swatch I have taken of both and you will see what I mean:

This is a heavy swatch without flash and in daylight.  Destiny fades (sort of) away with my skin colour (my body is darker than my facial skin) and Affinite is in it creamy pink glory.  I love them, what is not to love about Chanel makeup?  I was practically brainwashed only to love Chanel makeup when I started getting into makeup from when I was in high school (hehe).  I just do not understand why I do not grab these blushes whenever I put makeup on (maybe I should place them where I see them, hihi)  in any case, these blushes are a great addition to any make-up as they are easy to use (fingers, anyone?) and the result is always pretty anyway (oh and the packaging is smaller than the normal Chanel blush/eyeshadow quads) so they are easy to pack in your daily beauty bag.  So get yours now and be pretty!

Thanks for reading!  x

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