Thursday, June 27, 2013

YSL City Drive Palette in Arty for Fall/Winter 2013

Hi Dolls, today's FOTD and product review is of the YSL City Drive for Fall/Winter 2013 featuring the Arty Eyeshadow Palette.

This is my first Pure Chromatics and I was very excited when I got my paws on the palette and who wouldn't be?  The color combination on this palette is something that drew me in.  The bright green and the almost electric blue colors doesn't actually scream Fall/Winter but mixed with the silver and deep gray it would make the eye look totally dramatic and enticing.

Now I stop with my first impression, i.e., before I have swatched the product.  For those who own Pure Chromatics, the eyeshadows can be used both wet and dry. Here are the swatches, with the dry (above) and wet (below) applications.

Indoor lighting, no flash:

Direct sunlight:

I love the colors but from the swatches I made my heart literally sank to the bottom.  This isn't what I expected from YSL/Pure Chromatics, I have expected intense pigment on ONE swipe just like I have done with most of my Chanel and Tom Ford eyeshadows, and that expectation is with DRY application.  But doing it with wet, I got really disappointed.

Now then, I calmed myself and thought I would wear it today instead of wait til Fall, nor am I going to somewhere special (just gonna do groceries and fetching my lad from kindergarten) but I. Had. To. Know….

I didn't try to copy the look exactly like Cara Delavigne had in the YSL Campaign, but I did try to copy the look interpreting it for non-supermodels like me, and this is what I came up with (using Tom Ford's Black Orchid Lipstick as a lip stain instead of a full-on mouth and minimal face makeup courtesy of Chanel Les Beiges de Chanel No. 40), oh and using my iPhone's front camera so apologies for almost grainy quality of the pics:

I have not used an eye primer, the feelings I had is the same, as it applied exactly the same as I have done with the arm swatch, the look I have done was with wet application and there was a lot of fall out of the glitter and color that I d
idn't even bother with an illuminator because I was a glitter ball already.

Like I said, I have not tried it with an eye-primer.  Maybe if I have done so there won't be much fall-out of the glitter AND eyeshadow (I did use the applicators included for the wet application) so yes, I do not give up that easily and I will try using it again for a night out (seems a little dramatic for me to use all the colours for daytime but I think it is pretty ridiculous to waste such pretty colours and reserve it only for night-time use).  I love YSL and since this is my first Pure Chromatics palette, I'm pretty sure there is some sort of ways to apply it perfectly and I will try it again and again to work for me.

YSL's Fall/Winter 2013 is available from August 2013.  

Thanks for reading!


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